Upcoming performances:

Warp & Woof, NYC


Square Dance, with Asheville Contemporary Dance Theater (revisiting and expanding a live painting installation with multiple dancers in March 2020, at the Bebe Theater.


INOXIA, a performative exorcism of the Vance Monument, a large obelisk in the city center which was erected in the Jim Crow era to honor a slave owner. April 2020 in Asheville


Warp & Woof – May 2020; ongoing series of improvisational duets. Contact me if you’re interested in performing.


Recent choreography and work:

Solidago: a Laundromat Installation 2020
Warp & Woof, improvisational series in Asheville and NYC 2018-2020
2019 US Tour with Daniel Levin, cellist
Attempt to Move a Building, short film 2018
Spuyten Duyvil 2017 (w Victor Palomino)
Wight (with Emmalee Hunnicut and Sally Garner) 2016
Collateral Damage 2016
Tinder 2015
Lili and the Sparrow 2014
Gravida 2014
Spill 2014 (w Victor Palomino, DeWayne Barton, Michael Dickins)

Oenighet 2014
End of the World Machine (w Victor Palomino) 2014

Idiot Code 2013

Scavenge (w Victor Palomino and Drew Miller) 2013
Ack Kara 2013
Square Dance 2012, 2013 (originally performed 1997)
Hand to Mouth 2012
Out of Order 2011
Art of War 2011

Killa 2010

Wild Life 2009

Bealaidh 2009

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